Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Naija Star News

News about Naija Star.
(Do you see it?  It's right there.)

The Naija Star is a star in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Most have never heard of it.

It has been worshipped for milenia by the Peruvians.  It was thought to bring fertiliy to their llamas.

All the little Peruvians were taught to love Naija.  To worship that star.  While it was very important it was only one star the little ones were taught to worship.

Naija will give our llamas long hairs, Naija will give our llamas much milk.  Naija will give our llamas lots and lots of babies, thus producing more and more hair and more and more milk.

Who the hell knows.  I just hope Naija Star gives me a yummy supper.

About Me

I am supposed to write a bit about myself.

Why?  Because that is what you are supposed to do on an about me page.

But will not.  Not because I am not a nice person but because it has all been written before.

Not necessarly about me, but everything has been written before.

You know, the million monkeys with a million typewriters thing.

I believe it, so if you want to read about me, go find those monkeys and have them let you read what they wrote.